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close this bookThe Transition of Youth from School to Work: Issues and Policies (IIEP, 2000, 188 p.)
close this folderChapter IV. The integration of youth into the informal sector: the Kenyan experience by Ahmed K. Ferej
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View the document2. The growth of the informal sector in Kenya
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This paper discusses the transition of young people to work, particularly into the informal sector of the economy in Kenya. The informal sector in Kenya is now responsible for absorbing the larger proportion of new entrants into the job market in comparison to the modern formal sector that combines the public and private sectors. To understand this process, this paper examines the development of the informal sector in Kenya and recent trends in its evolvement; entry into the informal sector and the characteristics of young people entering the sector; the training process in the sector; and implication for education and training. First, it is necessary to give a brief background of the country in order to understand how the informal sector fits into the larger picture of Kenya.