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Gate publications

GATE/GTZ: Postbox 5180, D-65726 Eschborn. Publications with ISBN-Number may be ordered directly from: Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn GmbH, P.O.Box 300944, D-51338 Leverkusen, Germany.

J.-M. Chapallaz, J. Dos Ghali, P. Eichenberger, G. Fischer: Manual on Induction Motors Used as Generators MHPG Series Harnessing Water Power on a Small Scale Volume 10

GATE/Vieweg, Eschborn/ Leverkusen 1992, 212 pp., ISBN 3-528-02068-7. The handbook describes how an induction motor could be used as a generator in the field of micro-hydropower. Particular emphasis has been given on presenting a practical selection method for induction motors used as generators.

J.-M. Chapallaz, P. Eichenberger, G. Fischer: Manual on Pumps Used as TurbineMHPG Series Harnessing Water Power on a Small Scale Volume 11

GATE /Vieweg, Eschborn/Leverkusen 1992, 221 pp., ISBN 3-528-02069-5.

This manual gives a detailed account of the use of pumps as turbines (PAT) in microhydropower schemes. It provides a practical method enabling engineers and technicians to select a PAT for a specific purpose, and will be of considerable value for all those involved in energy production or recovery.

ERM Umwelt Consult Rhein-Main-Neckar GmbH, Bensheim Asbestos Overview and Handling Recommendations

GATE/Vieweg/KfW/BMZ, Eschborn/Frankfurt/Bonn 1996, ISBN 3-528-02318-X.

The outstanding physical properties of asbestos mineral fibres make them an excellent material for many technical applications. Despite a ban on the substance in several countries owing to the health hazard it presents, products containing asbestos are still in widespread use. This book serves as a guideline to estimate risks resulting from handling asbestos materials. Potential asbestos substitutes are reviewed too, particularly for housing and water mains construction.