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Notes on the Contributors

Paolo Benvenuti

Paolo Benvenuti, "Charge cours" and then Professor of International Law at the University of Catania (1977-1986). Professor of International Law at the University of Teramo (1986-1994) and Chancellor of this University (1993-1994). From 1994 Professor of International Law at the University of Firenze. Coordinator of the Teaching Body of the Doctorate of Research in International Law, University of Firenze. Chairman of the Italian Red Cross Committee for the Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law. Full Member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law. Author of books and articles on International Law, International Organizations, Private International Law.

Principal publications in the field of International Humanitarian Law: Movimenti insurrezionali e Protocolli aggiuntivi alle Convenzioni di Ginevra del 1949, in: Rivista di diritto internazionale, 1981; CroceRossa Internazionale, in: Enciclopedia giuridica, X, Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, Roma, 1989; Ensuring Observance of International Humanitarian Law: Function, Extent and Limits of the Obligations of Third States to Ensure Respect of IHL, in: International Institute of Humanitarian Law Yearbook, 1989-90; La Clausola Martens e la tradizione storica del diritto naturale nella codificazione del diritto dei conflitti armati, in: Scritti in memoria di Giuseppe Barile, Padova, 1995.

Adama Dieng

Adama Dieng, Senegalese jurist, is Secretary-General of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). He has been a consultant for UNESCO, UNITAR, the Ford Foundation, the Agence de Cooption culturelle et technique, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UN Centre for Human Rights, the South-South Commission and the African Commission for Human and Peoples' Rights. He is a member of the Advisory Council of the International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights (INTERIGHTS), the Executive Board of the World Organisation against Torture/SOS-Torture, and the Executive Committee of the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, the Advisory Council of HURIDOCS, the International Institute of Humanitarian Law and the African Association of International Law.

Rainer Hofmann

Rainer Hofmann, born in Heidelberg in 1953, is Professor of Public Law and Public International Law at the University of Cologne. He became Docteur en Droit at the University of Montpellier in 1979, then Research Assistant (1979-1981) and Research Fellow (1981-1986 and 1988-1993) at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg. In 1986 and 1987 he was Clerk at the Federal Constitutional Court ("Bundesverfassungsgericht") in Karlsruhe (Prof. Dr. X Steinberger). In 1986 he finished his Dr. jur. utr. degree at the University of Heidelberg. Between January 1988 and June 1988 he was Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney. In 1993 habilitation at the University of Heidelberg. "Lehrstuhlvertreter" at the University of Kiel (1993-1994) and at the University of Wg (1993/1994). 19841992 Member of the Committee on Refugee Law of the International Law Association. Co-Rapporteur for the Committee on Internally Displaced Persons of the International Law Association since 1992. In 1994 he was the German Rapporteur for the XIVth International Congress of Comparative Law, Athens, on "the Legal Status of the Refugee".

His publications include: Le lock-out en droit allemand (Th de Doctorat de l'Universite Montpellier, 1979); Die Ausreisefreiheit nach Volkerrecht und staatlichem Recht (Berlin 1988), (Dissertation, Heidelberg, 1986); Grundrechte und grenzhreitende Sachverhalte (Berlin 1994), (Habilitation); Voluntary Repatriation and UNHCR, Zeitschrift flandisches ntliches Recht und Vrrecht [Za 44 (1984); Refugee-Generating Policies and the Law of State Responsibility, ZaoRV 45 (1985); Asyl- und Flngsrecht, in: J.A. Frowein / 7: Stein (eds.), Die Rechtsstellung von Auslandern nach staatlichem Recht und Volkerrecht (Berlin 1987); Flngsrecht in Afrika, Archiv des Volkerrechts 26 (1988); Refugee Law in the African Context, ZaoRV 52 (1992); The Legal Condition of the Refugee in Germany, Jahrbuch zur Staats- und Verwaltungswissenschaft Vol. 7 (1994), (German Reports for the XlVth International Congress of Comparative Law, Athens 1994); Internally Displaced Persons und das Volkerrecht, in: Recht zwischen Umbruch und Bewahrung, Festschrift folf Bernhardt (Berlin 1995).

Flavia Lattanzi

Flavia Lattanzi, Assistant de droit international 'Universite Rome "La Sapienza" (1966-1983). Professeur de droit international 'Universite Pise (1984-1990). Professeur de droit des organisations internationales 'Universite Sassari (1990-1995) et en m temps - et actuel lement - de droit international 'UniversitUISS Guido Carli (Rome). Depuis novembre 1995 professeur de droit international 'Universite Teramo (et 'UniversitUISS).

Auteur de nombreuses publications en mati de droit international, droit des organisations internationales, arbitrage commercial international.

Publications principales: Garanzie dei diritti dell'uomo e diritto internazionale generale, Roma, 1983; Valore assoluto o relativo dei principi di ordine pubblico, dans: Rivista di diritto internazionale, 1974; Autodeterminazione dei popoli, Digesto, IV edizione, UTET, Torino, 1987; Convenzione di Washington sulle controversie relative ad investimenti e invaliditelle sentenze arbitrali, dans: Rivista di diritto internazionale, 1987; Sanzioni internazionali, dans: Enciclopedia del diritto, vol. XLI, GiuffrMilano, 1988; L'impugnativa per nullitell'arbitrato commerciale internazionale, Milano, 1989; Riflessioni sulfa competenza di una corte penale internazionale, dans: Rivista di diritto internazionale, 1993; Assistance humanitaire et intervention d'humanitapoli, 1995; Assistenza umanitaria e consenso del sovrano territoriale, Scritti in ricordo di Panzera, Bari, 1995.

Toni Pfanner

Toni Pfanner, nn 1953, originaire de Zurich en Suisse, est chef de la Division juridique du Comitnternational de la Croix Rouge (CICR) Docteur sciences nomiques (Universite St. Galles), il est aussi licencin droit de l'Universite Berne. Avant d'entrer au CICR en 1984, il travaillait dans une de d'avocat et it assistant en droit 'Ecole polytechnique frale urich. II a effectulusieurs missions entent que dgut chef de dgation du CICR en Isra Irak, Tchad Afghanistan et en Afrique du Sud. Dans sa fonction actuelle, depuis dt 1993, il a prdes rions d'experts internationaux sur les mnismes de mise en œuvre du droit international humanitaire et sur l'utilitilitaire des mines et a particip de nombreuses confnces multilatles. II a publilusieurs articles sur le droit international humanitaire, notamment sur l'applicabilitu droit international humanitaire aux options militaires des Nations Unies et sur la Convention de 1980 sur les armes conventionnelles. Il a enseignans diffntes universitet est charge cours de droit internat ion al 'Ecole polytechnique frale urich.

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at Oxford University, and a Fellow of Balliol College, since 1986. He is a Fellow of the British Academy. He studied Modern History at Oxford, and subsequently was a Lecturer in International Relations at the London School of Economics. His main academic interests are centred round limitations of various kinds on the use of force.

His books include: Nations in Arms: The Theory and Practice of Territorial Defence, 2nd edn., Macmillan, London, 1986; (ea. with Richard Guelff, Documents on the Laws of War, 2nd edn., Oxford University Press, 1989; and (ea. with Benedict Kingsbury), United Nations, Divided World: The UN's Roles in International Relations, 2nd edn., Oxford University Press, 1993. He has published articles in numerous journals, including American Journal of International Law, International Affairs, International Security, Review of International Studies, and Survival.