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The rice-fish ecosystem

Simplified nutrient flows

FERTILIZER - input of simple nutrients to the system

· Organic - available also to fish, plankton, algae, soil, fauna and bacteria
· Inorganic - available only to rice crops, macrophytes, algae, weeds, phytoplanktons and bacteria.

PHOTOSYNTHESIS - produces food from simple nutrients using sun's energy

- plants, algae and phytoplankton are food for fish, insects, zooplankton and soil fauna

DECOMPOSED MATERIALS - add to the detritus layer
BACTERIA - organisms which recycle materials back to simple nutrients
FISH - examples of various feeding groups

Ecosystem components

Ecosystem components A

Ecosystem components B

Ecosystem components C

Ecosystem components D

Ecosystem components E

Ecosystem components F

Prepared by: AHYAUDIN ALI