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close this bookCase Studies of Neem Processing Projects Assisted by GTZ in Kenya, Dominican Republic, Thailand and Nicaragua (GTZ, 2000, 152 p.)
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View the document4.4.5.5 Market growth potential and substitution possibilities in Nicaragua Marketing of neem pesticides to date

As in the Dominican Republic there is also a potential market for neem products in Nicaragua, especially for agricultural produce designated for export (mainly fruits) and crops which are cultivated according to certified biological farming methods.

In general the market in Nicaragua is not as well developed as in the Dominican Republic. Still farmers have tried with assistance of NGOs to apply neem products crops which are designated for local consumption such as maize, rice, beans, millet and cassava. This seems to be not economical, however, if the farmers do not apply home-made neem extracts or get them subsidised from NGOs. The price for neem-based pesticides cannot compete with synthetic insecticides if external costs are not taken into consideration.

In Nicaragua the sale and distribution of neem pesticides are carried out by the conventional agricultural supply outlets. However, this is not effectively organised. An additional marketing analysis is needed to investigate how this system can be improved and the marketing can be intensified.