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close this bookTraditional Medicinal Plants (Dar Es Salaam University Press - Ministry of Health - Tanzania, 1991, 391 p.)
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Special Session of Traditional Herbs

Traditional Healers from Tanzania held a special session, discussed issues of mutual interests, and made resolutions as follows:

1. We, Tanzanian traditional healers, attending ICMP meeting, have the following views and resolutions:

(a) We, the traditional healers in Tanzania, have used plants from land and from the sea, to cure the following diseases:

· Mental disorders
· Epilepsy
· Stomach disorders
· Asthma
· Cancer
· Blood pressure
· Diabetes
· Infertility
· Haemorrhoids
· Paralysis
· Aids (HIV)

(b) Traditional healers should have an organization to coordinate their activities, and the same organization should serve as a link between the Government and the traditional healers.

2. With regard to the production of medicinal plants, we recommend that:

(a) Whenever possible, special gardens should be established for the cultivation of medicinal plants.

(b) Whenever possible, special reserves (National Medicinal Reserves) should be set aside for the conservation of medicinal plants. Such reserves should be established by the healers, in collaboration with the relevant state organs (e.g. Ministry of Lands, Ministry of Agriculture, etc.).

(c) The traditional healers organization should liaise with pharmaceutical industries, which need raw materials for traditional medicine. The organization should have legal status like a cooperative union.

(d) Developing countries should form similar organizations to facilitate collection of data, and the establishment of inventories of medicines and diseases, and the sale of medicines.

(e) There should be a forum for the exchange of information, journals, research findings, and other developments in developing countries.

(f) Whenever possible, regional centres should be established to strengthen cooperation and data collection from different countries.

3. Present

N. E. N. Shauri - Chairman
S. Makuu - Secretary
M. S. Msemo
T. A. Dyakaya
H. Nyamwicho
A. M. Mapembe
H. I. Messo
J. Benda
O. B. M. Shajari
J. K. Lyamba
L. G. Ngalianguo
Dr. S. Mnaliwa - Advisor, ICMP Secretary