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close this bookThe Eucheuma Seaweed Story in the Western Indian Ocean Region: Past, Present and Future (COSTECH, 1994, 33 p.)
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I wish to thank the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, who kindly invited me to deliver this lecture, and the various funding agencies who provided funds for my return home to Tanzania from Namibia, which has enabled me to share these experiences with the Tanzanian community. I sincerely thank also the entire community at the University of Dar es Salaam, who supported me at various stages, along the way, as well as agencies such as NORAD, the Rockefeller Foundation, the International Foundation for Science, USAID, Commonwealth Science Council, DAAD, the U.S. Council for International Exchange of Scholars, IDRC, and the University of Namibia, who supported my research in one way or other. I wish to take this opportunity also to thank the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, who provided political good-will and an enabling environment, which facilitated the success that was attained. I thank also the variour seaweed companies operating in the Philippines, and also in The North, for support and encouragement; and the various Eucheuma farming entrepreneurs and village farmers, without whose inputs I would not have had any story to tell. I am most grateful also to my dear wife, Grace, and to our children, Aloha, Leilani, and Lulu, for their unfailing encouragement and support, all along. Finally, I sincerely thank Ms. Eliza Muwanga of the Botany Department, University of Dar es Salaam, who so kindly and ably did the word-processing.