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Setting the female duck

144. When a female duck tries to hide or sits on a nest more and more, she is probably ready to set.

Female duck hiding; female duck sitting

145. Make her a setting nest in a quiet dark place well sheltered from rain, sun and wind.
146. You have already been told, that the nest can be a simple hole in the ground or a box lined with clean, dry grass or straw.

Hole in the ground; box

147. A female duck can cover 10 to 12 eggs. So, try to collect this many eggs from your flock.

10 to 12 eggs

148. However when you collect the eggs handle them very carefully. If you shake eggs too much they may not hatch.

149. Eggs which are very small or very large may not hatch. So, choose medium sized eggs.

Choose medium- sized eggs

150. Eggs to be used for setting should be no more than 10 days old. Eggs which are older may not hatch.

No more than 10 days

151. The eggs should be clean. If they are dirty, clean them with a soft, damp cloth.

Clean dirty eggs

152. When you have the right number of eggs, put them in a nest in a quiet place and the female will begin to set.

153. When one of your female ducks is setting on a nest, make sure that she has enough food and water nearby.

154. If she has to go too far to find food and water the eggs may get cold and not hatch.

Have plenty of food and water near the nest

155. On or a little before the 28th day your baby ducks will begin to hatch.

28th day

156. They will begin breaking out of their shells little by little. It may take as long as 2 days until all the baby ducks are hatched.

157. As the baby ducks hatch, take away the pieces of broken shell from the nest.

Take away broken shells