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close this bookAssessment of Experience with the Project Approach to Shelter Delivery for the Poor (HABITAT, 1991, 52 p.)
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close this folder7.4 A framework for assessing the efficiency of project components
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7.4.3 Guidelines for preparing and assessing future shelter projects

This report has highlighted many factors that influence the ability of shelter projects to meet the needs of the poor. These factors provide a basis for the development of future projects, though the importance of each will, of course, vary with local conditions. To assist in the preparation and assessment of project proposals, it is recommended that specific objectives be prepared that indicate the scope and nature of the project and the means whereby it is intended that the objectives will be attained. The following points are offered as guidelines that should be included in all project proposals:

· The aspects of policy that the project is intended to demonstrate or test;

· The elements that distinguish the project from previous projects addressing the needs of the poor;

· The intended impact of the project on land and housing markets;

· The degree to which the project is intended to be self-financing or dependent upon direct or indirect subsidies;

· The costs of entry to the project compared with other shelter options and the options for residents to use shelter as a means of income generation;

· The options for residents to participate actively in the planning, implementation and management of the project;

· The adequacy and flexibility of the administrative structure;

· The methods for monitoring and evaluating the project and indicating the extent to which the objectives have been fulfilled, so that lessons learnt can be incorporated into future projects.