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Activity no. 3 - Population investigative reporter

Population investigative reporter

An activity designed to stimulate group members' awareness of population-related issues in their community.



· The group leader explains that each of the participants is now an investigative reporter for the imaginary radio broadcast Population News. Their job is to identify population-related issues/problems in their community and report to the group.

· The group members form subgroups of three people, each an investigative team.

· Each team selects a population-related issue in the community to investigate, for example, how far people have to walk to gather fuelwood, whether there are enough places in the schoolroom for all children of school age, etc.

· If desired, the group can prepare Population News press cards, identifying the members as population investigative reporters.

· At the next meeting of the youth group, the members report hack on their findings and make suggestions about what needs to be done to improve the situation and the issues are discussed by the entire group.

Note: This activity should be played over two sessions of the youth group.


So that the group members will be able to:

· Use their own insights and knowledge to identify population-related issues in the community.
· Develop confidence in their own ability to identify issues and make informed decisions.



· The list of population-related issues on the following pages.
· The sample Population News press card.
· Curiosity and participation by the group members.

Some population related issues for group members to investigate

1. Are there enough places in the classrooms for all children of school age?
2. How far do people have to walk to gather fuelwood? Now and five years
3. Are there adequate health facilities for everyone?
4. Where can young people get information and assistance in controlling family sized?
5. Is there work for all who want to work?
6. Is there productive agricultural land available for everyone ho wants to farm?

Population News
Press Card

_____________________is an investigative reporter on population issues in
(name of community)____________________(name of community)

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