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close this bookSawing - Course: Manual woodworking techniques. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 23 p.)
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View the documentInstruction Example 2.1. Cutting to Length of a Board
View the documentInstruction Example 2.2. Cutting to Length of Strips (Frame Strips)
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View the documentInstruction Example 2.4. Cutting of Plies
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Preliminary Remarks

The present booklet includes five selected instruction examples to practise the sawing techniques like sawing across the grain, sawing with the grain, sawing of curves, sawing of panels and manufacturing of connecting elements. The applied material is sawn wood and plies.

The necessary precision reaches from cutting to length with working allowances for further working steps to sawing to final size with high precision.

To help with the preparation and realization of the work, the necessary materials, tools and auxiliary accessories are indicated for each instruction example. Necessary basic knowledge of scribing is also mentioned and should be repeated before starting with sawing.

The sequence of operations specified for each instruction example includes the steps necessary to manufacture the relevant workpiece. This sequence is to be followed if a good quality is to be achieved.

To each instruction example a working drawing is added showing the required shapes and dimensions of the workpieces.

The results of the instruction examples are single parts which, after further working steps like planing, can be used to manufacture fillings for different purposes.