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Digging a return ditch

57. You will also need to dig one or more ditches 10 take the water back to the stream when you empty your ponds.

58. These are called return ditches and how you dig them will depend on how your ponds are placed and how near they are to the stream. Try to choose the easiest and shortest path to take the water back to the stream.

59. If your ponds are near the stream, the easiest way to get the water back is to dig a return ditch from the outlet of each pond straight to the stream. You can also use one ditch for two ponds.


60. If your ponds are not near the stream or if you cannot dig a ditch straight to the stream, dig only one return ditch along the outlet side of your ponds, which can take all the water from all the ponds.

61. Start this ditch at the outlet of your highest pond. The ditch should run past the outlet of the lowest pond and then back to the stream.

62. Now, dig a small ditch to connect the outlet of each pond to the return ditch.