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View the documentControlling the water in your supply ditch
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View the documentHow to fill your ponds

How to fill your ponds

Ponds are filled one by one

· The first pond

1 close outlet
2 close sluice at corner of inlet ditch
3 open inlet sluice
4 open sluice at stream one board at a time

· The first pond will begin to fill
· Prepare the second pond

5 close outlet
6 close sluice at corner of inlet ditch
7 open inlet sluice

· When the first pond is full close the inlet sluice (3) and open the sluice at corner of inlet ditch (2)
· The second pond will begin to fill
· Continue to do this until all ponds are full


Make sure that some water is always running down the supply ditch and Into each of your ponds so that they will always be full.