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Bringing your rabbits home

116. When you bring your rabbits home you will have to be very careful not to frighten them or they may get sick or die. So, move them quietly and gently.

117. Do not give any food to rabbits the night before you move them. It is not good to move a rabbit when its stomach is full. However, if the trip is long they should be given water from time to time.

118. It is best to move each rabbit in a separate container such as a crate or a basket with a lid that can be closed. However, the containers you use should let in plenty of fresh air during the trip.

Take everything needed

119. If the weather is hot, move your rabbits early in the morning. If the weather is cooler, move them in the evening.

120. When you reach home, put the containers down gently near the pens. Let the rabbits rest and become calm while you prepare their pens.

Let rabbits rest