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close this bookBetter Farming Series 33 - Farming Snails 1: Reaming about Snails; Building a Pen; Food and Shelter Plants (FAO, 1986, 57 p.)
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View the documentWhat kind of snails can you farm?
View the documentWhere can you get snails?
View the documentWhere can you farm snails?
View the documentThe soil and the water in the soil
View the documentPlants for food and plants for shelter
View the documentDew and rain
View the documentLand that is wet
View the documentWind
View the documentWhere do you keep snails when you farm them?
View the documentHow many snails will you need when you first begin?
View the documentHow much snail meat can you expect to get?
View the documentNow you must decide

Where can you get snails?

28. When you are ready to get snails, perhaps you can get them by gathering wild snails that live near you.

Gathering wild snails

29. Perhaps you can buy them from people who gather wild snails to sell to others.

Buying from one who gathers wild snails

30. You may even be able to buy them from another snail farmer.

Buying from another snail farmer

Never term snails that you buy at the market. Snails at the market may have been washed, kept too cold or hurt and they may die soon.