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Body- building feeds: proteins

48. Body- building feeds are rich in proteins.

Poultry need proteins that come from animals and also proteins that come from plants.

For instance, if you give poultry 2 kilogrammes of feed containing proteins, there should be:

1.5 kilogrammes of vegetable proteins, 0.5 kilogramme of animal proteins.

49. Proteins that come from plants

Oil cake contains a lot of proteins.

Oil cake is the name for what is left when the oil has been taken from groundnuts, cotton, palm kernels, coconuts.

Groundnut oil cake
Poultry digest it well.

In 10 kilogrammes of feed, 1.5 kilogrammes can be groundnut oil cake.

Cotton oil cake
Poultry cannot digest a big amount of this.

In 10 kilogrammes of feed, not more than 0.5 kilogramme should be cotton oil cake.

Palm- kemel oil cake

This can take the place of maize and groundnut oil cake, but you should not give more than 1.5 kilogrammes of it in 10 kilogrammes of feed.

50. Proteins that come from animals

Boiled blood, meat meal, milk powder or fish meal. You should not give poultry too much protein.

It costs a lot and, if you give too much, it may make the poultry ill.

51. Energy feeds and body- building feeds are not well used by poultry unless you give at the same time:

· mineral salts, vitamins and clean water.