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8.4 Implications of non-technical issues

A resume of the above considerations is:

- From the view of technical performance, the ferrocement gasifier is an adequate option for the supply of mechanical or electrical energy in the 10 kW range. Waterpumping, saw mill and grain mill operation are excellent options. Rural electricity supply is the most complex task. A decision for a particular kind of application has to be based on an adequate level of technical knowledge and skill

- The ferrocement concept offers much better chances for economic viability than traditional gasifiers. But, economic viability depends on local costs of traditional energy, of materials, and of labour. This has to be calculated accordingly.

- Gasifier systems should be used for income-increasing activities Only the perspective of a higher living standard is motivating enough to deal with machinery like a gasifier-engine-systern and the complexity of fuel preparation.

- The operator must be adequately trained and paid.

- Private ownership is more reliable than community plant scheemes The traditional communal organization is -in most cases- not compatible with the sustainable management of technical systems like a gasifier