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close this bookWhere There Is No Doctor - A Village Health Care Handbook (Hesperian Foundation, 1993, 516 p.)
close this folderChapter 11 - NUTRITION: WHAT TO EAT TO BE HEALTHY
View the documentSicknesses Caused by Not Eating Well
View the documentWhy It is Important to Eat Right
View the documentPreventing Malnutrition
View the documentMain Foods and Helper Foods
View the documentEating Right to Stay Healthy
View the documentHow to Recognize Malnutrition
View the documentWays of Eating Better When You Do Not Have Much Money or Land
View the documentWhere to Get Vitamins: In Pills, Injections, Syrups - or in Foods?
View the documentThings to Avoid in Our Diet
View the documentThe Best Diet for Small Children
View the documentHarmful Ideas about Diet
View the documentSpecial Diets for Specific Health Problems
View the documentAnemia
View the documentRickets
View the documentHigh Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
View the documentFat People
View the documentConstipation
View the documentDiabetes
View the documentAcid Indigestion, Heartburn, and Stomach Ulcers
View the documentGoiter (A Swelling or Lump on the Throat)