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close this bookWhere There Is No Doctor - A Village Health Care Handbook (Hesperian Foundation, 1993, 516 p.)
close this folderChapter 21 - HEALTH AND SICKNESSES OF CHILDREN
View the documentWhat to Do to Protect Children's Health
View the documentChildren's Growth - and the 'Road to Health'
View the documentChild Health Chart
View the documentReview of Children's Health Problems Discussed in Other Chapters
View the documentHealth Problems of Children Not Discussed in Other Chapters
View the documentEarache and Ear Infections
View the documentSore Throat and Inflamed Tonsils
View the documentRheumatic Fever
View the documentInfectious Diseases of Childhood
View the documentChickenpox
View the documentMeasles (Rubeola)
View the documentGerman Measles (Rubella)
View the documentMumps
View the documentWhooping Cough
View the documentDiphtheria
View the documentInfantile Paralysis (Polio, Poliomyelitis)
View the documentHow to Make Simple Crutches
View the documentProblems Children Are Born With
View the documentDislocated Hip
View the documentUmbilical Hernia (Belly Button That Sticks Out)
View the documentA 'Swollen Testicle' (Hydrocele or Hernia)
View the documentMentally Slow, Deaf, Or Deformed Children
View the documentThe Spastic Child (Cerebral Palsy)
View the documentRetardation in the First Months of Life
View the documentSickle Cell Disease (Sickle Cell Anemia)
View the documentHelping Children Learn