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close this bookGuide to Health and Hygiene in Agricultural Work (ILO, 1979, 328 p.)
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Some other ILO publications on occupational safety and health

Encyclopaedia of occupational health and safety

Contains about 900 alphabetical entries of an essentially practical character relating to various trades, occupations, processes, machines, substances, affections and so forth. The emphasis throughout is on the hazards for the workers and the safety and health measures to be taken. Numerous photographs, drawings and charts. Analytical index. In two volumes. ISBN 92-2-101000-7 Price: 180 Swiss francs. Also available in French

Ergonomics in industry, agriculture and forestry. Occupational safety and health series. No. 35 ISBN 92-2-001656-7 Contributions in English, French, German and Russian

Man at work. Studies on the application of physiology to working conditions in a sub-tropical country. Occupational safety and health series, No. 4
ISBN 92-2-100910-6

Safe use of pesticides. Occupational safety and health series. No. 38
ISBN 92-2-101826-1

Forestry. CIS bibliographies. No. 12. Also available in French

ILO codes of practice -
Agricultural work
ISBN 92-2-100194-6

Forestry work
ISBN 92-2-100017-6

Protection of workers against noise and vibration in the working environment
ISBN 92-2-101709-5

Safe construction and operation of tractors
ISBN 92-2-101403-7

Safe design and use of chain saws*
ISBN 92-2-101927-6

Guides to safety and health in -

ISBN 92-2-100030-3

Forestry work
ISBN 92-2-100975-0

These ILO codes of practice and guides to safety and health are also available in French and Spanish editions (except')