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Position of the Khulla city council

The city leaders, and particularly the city council, are anxious to have a successful conference, free of unnecessary noise, hawking, begging, and street congestion. They have asked the hawkers, through their representatives, to abandon the streets during the conference. These discussions have not been successful. In fact, the vendor representatives have threatened to stage demonstrations and carry out other acts of militancy if the council denies them the right to operate during the conference. The council is deeply concerned about these threats. It wants to maintain good relations with the hawkers but is determined to keep them from interfering with its plans for a successful conference.

One of the councillors recently attended a workshop on a technique for negotiating agreement regarded highly by international business and government leaders. The technique is known as principled negotiation. After an explanation of the process and its advantages, the council agrees to make use of the new technique in its dealings with the street vendor representatives.