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7.1 Customer satisfaction is the primary goal for a solar home system initiative.
Users play a larger role in PV household electrification than in traditional grid-based rural electrification programs. When satisfied with the service they receive, users are more willing to forgive occasional lapses in the power supply and to make payments promptly.
The project is consequently more likely to meet its financial goals. Providing satisfactory service requires high-quality products and responsive, ongoing maintenance and support services.

7.2 Solar home systems need to be designed to meet customers' expectations at a cost that matches customers' capacity and willingness to pay. A well-designed and constructed system should be reliable, easy to use and maintain, and require minimal care to keep working properly. Users will want to be able to upgrade their systems as their income allows. Systems should be designed to accommodate such expansion. Ultimately, however, users will be happy with their systems only if they fully understand how the units work and accept their limitations.