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close this folderII. Receipt of Food
close this folderA. Ways that Food is Received
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View the document2. Through Bill of Lading
View the document3. Received as a Loan or Transfer
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4. Received as a Repayment of a Loan

Another organization or CARE project repays a loan. If the food is transported on a non-CARE waybill, the storekeeper should include all the information requested on the standard CARE waybill, initial changes and additions, and sign along with the transporter.

Country Office Example

Another NGO in Ethiopia repays 500 MT of wheat that CARE had previously loaned to them. The NGO transports the food from their warehouse to a CARE warehouse, using their own waybill. The receiving warehouse storekeeper notes that the waybill does not contain all the information included on the Receipt Infomation section of CARE's waybill. She writes the additional information on the waybill, then she and the transporter sign it.