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Irrigation and drainage series

Technical Paper Series

No. 40

Plusquellec and Wickham, Irrigation Design and Management: Experience in Thailand

No. 51

Shuval and others, Wastewater Irrigation: Health Effect and Technical Solutions

No. 64

Hillel, The Efficient Use of Water in Irrigation: Principles and Practices for improving Irrigation in Arid and Semiarid Regions

No. 71

Mahmood, Reservoir Sedimentation: Impact, Extent, and Mitigation

No. 94

Le Moigne, Barghouti, and Plusquellec, Technological and Institutional Innovation in Irrigation

No. 99

International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Planning the Management, Operation, and Maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage Systems: A Guide for the Preparation of Strategies and Manuals (also in French, 99F)

No. 110

Dixon, Talbot, and Le Moigne, Dams and the Environment: Considerations in World Bank Projects

No. 115

Le Moigne, Plusquellec, and Barghouti, Dam Safety and the Environment

No. 120

Plusquellec, The Gezira Irrigation Scheme in Sudan: Objectives, Design and Performance

No. 123

Barghouti and Le Moigne, Irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Development of Public and Private Systems

No. 129

Berkoff, Irrigation Management on the Indo-Gangetic Plain

No. 157

Critchley, Reij, and Seznec, Water Harvesting for Plant Production, Volume 11: Case Studies and Conclusions for Sub-Saharan Africa

No. 166

Ahrnad and Kutcher, Irrigation Planning with Environmental Considerations: A Case Study of Pakistan's Indus Basin

No. 171

Brown and Nooter, Successful Small-Scale Irrigation in the Sahel

No. 173

Byrnes, Water Users Association in World Bank-Assisted Irrigation Projects in Pakistan

No. 178

Le Moigne, Barghouti, and Garbus, editors, Developing and Improving Irrigation and Drainage Systems: Selected Papers from World Bank Seminars

No. 185

Frederiksen, Drought Planning and Water Efficiency Implications in Water Resources Management

No. 191

Frederiksen, Water Resources Institutions: Some Principles and Practices

No. 201

Van Tuijl, Improving Water Use in Agriculture: Experiences in the Middle East and North Africa

No. 205

Xie, Kuffner, and Le Moigne, Using Water Efficiently: Technological Options

No. 212

Frederiksen, Berkoff, and Barber, Water Resources Management in Asia, Volume 1: Main Report

No. 215

Umali, Irrigation-lnduced Salinity: A Growing Problem for Development and the Environment

No. 233

Frederiksen, Berkoff, and Barber, Principles and Practices for Dealing with Water Resources Issues