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close this bookThe Courier N 124 Nov - Dec 1990 - Dossier Irrigation - Country Reports: Burundi (EC Courier, 1990, 108 p.)
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News round - up

Meeting in Luxembourg in September, the ACP-EEC Joint Assembly debated the effects of the Gulf crisis on the economies of the ACP States. The gloomy outlook provoked by higher oil prices promptod many calls for additional assistance. Other important items on the agenda included the Perschau Report on the priorities for LomV and a hearing on the role of women in development, addressed among others, by Mrs Maryam Babangida, First Lady of Nigeria.

Meeting point: Isaac Akinrele

After 13 1/2 years, (the last five as Director), Dr Isaac Akinrele is leaving the Centre for Industrial Development. Before handing over the reins to Belgian, Mr Paul Frix on 30 September, he spoke to the Courier about the work of the CDI -- the successes and the undeniable weaknesses.

Country reports

ANTIGUA and BARBUDA: Taking advantage of its historical link to Admiral Horatio Nelson and of its hundreds of fine beaches, inlets and bays, the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda has built an economy that is heavily dependent on tourism. The transition from an economy that was entirely based on sugar and cotton has been very smooth. But diversification is proving elusive.


While national unity existed for centuries, Burundi in recent times has had to face up to ethnic and regional divisions, culminating on occasions in bloody “ events “. The most recent of these occurred as recently as August 1988. Today, the challenge is clear: to achieve reconciliation and to restore national unity. Without this, development will not take place. Burundi’s dependence on the near monoculture of coffee makes it a test case. Can this landlocked and heavily populated LDC continue to maintain the precarious balance between its present self-sufficiency in food and the pressure of its population?

Dossier: Irrigation

For many ACP countries confronted with a rapidly increasing population, agricultural irrigation is one response to the ever-growing demand for food. But the hydro-agricultural schemes implemented in the last two decades have seldom achieved the results which were originally anticipated.