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close this bookDiffusion of Information Technology - Experience of Industrial Countries and Lessons for Developing Countries (WB, 1995, 230 p.)
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The authors are indebted to a large number of government officials, researchers, and consultants who design, implement, and evaluate information technology policies and programs in the OECD countries in this study (list below). They generously shared their insights and experiences in an evolving field where tacit knowledge is indispensable.

The authors also would like to acknowledge the contributions of Shakuntala Gunaratne to the literature review. The study also benefitted from the comments of many colleagues: Elkyn Chaparro, Richard Stern, Carl Dahlman, Govindan Nair, James Cowie, Darius Mans, Khalid Siraj, Melvin Goldman, Robert Schware (World Bank); Kurt Hoffman, Ralph Kaplinsky (Sussex University); Hans-Peter Brunner (WZB); Sandor Boyson (University of Maryland); and John Dryden (OECD). Bennett Minton, with the American Writing Corporation, edited the manuscript. Alloysius Ocheni provided valuable secretarial support.

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Andre E C de Meulder, Min. of Economic
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Andreas Goerdeler, Min. of Economic
Affairs, Netherlands
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Bjorn Nasvall, Nutek, Sweden
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Ian Hochbert, MSC, Canada
Irwin Feller, Penn State Univ.. USA
Jainick Moyer, ITAC, Canada
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Jim McCullough. NSF, USA
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Michael Carrier, EuroCentres, USA
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