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Structure for storing surface water, for drinking and domestic consumption purposes

Box spring - a structure that encloses a live spring for storing water and or storing and diverting water through a pipe for drinking and other domestic consumption purposes. The structure can be made up of rocks and mud lined with clean river sand or hollow blocks and cement, covered by wooden planks.

Box spring


1. Site Selection. Locate a live spring which is accessible and preferably 50 meters from the residence. A live spring located higher in elevation than the site of the residence can be tapped through a series of pipes (PVC or bamboo poles) while those located at the same level or lower than the house can be tapped by using water pails or other containers.

2. Preparation of Materials. Prepare sufficient amount of clean river sands, clean clay, polished stones/rocks and wooden planks or sufficient amount of hollow blocks, cement and sands. Piping materials should also be prepared whenever necessary either of bamboo poles or PVC.

3. Construction of Box Spring. Clean the area around the spring at least with a dimension of 0.5 x 0.5 m. Provide a temporary outlet for the water to pass through while the box spring is still under construction. Line the area with clean clay with at least two inches thickness and enclosed it with stones/rocks mixed with clay forming a box structure with a dimension of at least 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m. Line the base of the box with clean river sand and cover the top of the structure with wooden planks. Allow an opening near the top for piping or to allow the flow of excess water.

4. Operation and Maintenance. The box spring is allowed to store water a day or two after construction by plugging the temporary water outlet. Check and repair leakages. Conduct regular maintenance of the box spring by cleaning it of insects, leaves and other materials that get into the box spring.

Note: For health safety, water from this structure should be passed through a clean cloth screener and boiled before drinking. A water purifier tablet is also recommended.