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D. Spraying equipment

The type of equipment depends on the product being used and on the type of treatment (surface, spatial, etc.).


- Soup spoon: treatment of individuals.
- Powder blower (hand or knapsack): treatment of the ground, bedding, people.
- Pierced tin, or jute sack: treatment of floors, of vegetation.


-Aerial application

Just for information.


This equipment gives an immediate and temporary treatment by creating a fog (condensation of the solvent in the air into very fine droplets).It is an engine-driven machine portable or mounted on a vehicle.

- Sprayers

This equipment gives a persistent treatment by spreading the insecticide in visible drops on walls, floors, stretches of water, etc.

Four techniques are used:

· The liquid is pumped in a tank.
· The liquid is expulsed in a watertight receptacle by the compression of its surface air.
· The liquid is carried away by a gaseous current.
· The liquid is expulsed by centrifugation.