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close this bookMore with Less: Aids for Disabled Persons in Daily Life (Tool, 1993, 93 p.)
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Clothes which can help disabled people

Wrap-around skirt

A wrap-around skirt is a comfortable piece of clothing for people who cannot dress or undress due to coordination problems. Even when a person is lying on a bed or sitting, the skirt can be put on. The skirt is always comfortable because it can be adjusted and changed quickly. Use patterned fabrics, so that stains will attract less attention. A basic pattern of a skirt with four panels is used. Add a few extra panels for the flap. An extra long band keeps the skirt in place.

Gardener's trousers

These trousers are very wide, so that a lot of movement is possible when wearing them. At the same time, they keep the clothes underneath in place. To facilitate changing diapers when a child is incontinent, a divisible zipper can be sewn along the entire length of the inner seam.

Zouave pants

These pants are easy to put on and take off. The special, wide model makes small accidents due to incontinence less conspicuous. Changing underpants and diapers is easy because the pants can be opened at the bottom with buttons. The pants are highly comfortable for people who have to sit most of the time.

Sweater with kangaroo bag

A sweater with a kangaroo bag is practical to take toys along. Slipping the sweater over the head is easy because the sweater closes at the shoulders with buttons.

Oversized sweater

This oversized sweater is easy to put on and take off. The wide sleeves and open sides are highly practical for people who have difficulties moving their arms in a controlled manner. Ribbon should applied along the side seams to fix a zipper, buttons or Velcro closures.

Button-up shawl

This short shawl is suitable for people who sit most of the time and for whom slipping on a vest or sweater is difficult because of motor problems. It can also be used as a chest and backwarmer under an overcoat or a cape. The button-up shawl consists of a knitted triangle. Start knitting at the tip of the triangle. The shawl closes at the front with buttons and loops.

Wheelchair poncho

This rain cape fits the size of the wheelchair exactly, so that the user stays perfectly dry. The back of the poncho reaches the chair's pushing-bars. The front amply covers the knees. It closes at the back.


A muff easier to put on than gloves. It helps children who sit still a lot to keep their hands warm. The muff will also have a calming effect on children with uncontrolled hand movements. When it is nicely decorated or provided with a pocket children will use it with pleasure.

Spilling collar

This collar is useful for children who spill or drool a lot. The collar can be made in various designs for different clothes so that the child will look nice in it. Cut an almost full circle of double cloth. Sew a piece of heavy cotton material between the two layers at the front to make the collar well-absorbing.

Fronts for drooling

These fronts can be worn at both sides. They can be made from a double piece of cloth with absorbing material in between. In this way, the dress is protected and no longer has to be washed every time.

Apron for playing and spilling

This small apron is a great help for children who dirty themselves easily by drooling and spilling. The apron can be made from an old shirt. Decorated pockets and strings, applied on the apron, enable the child to take along several toys without loosing them.

Cuff links with elastic bands

These cufflinks consist of two buttons connected by an elastic band. Undoing the cuffs is no longer necessary and fumbling with small buttons belongs to the past.