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close this bookMore with Less: Aids for Disabled Persons in Daily Life (Tool, 1993, 93 p.)
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Aids for the Blind

Clock for the blind

This clock has been adapted for the blind in a very simple manner. The glass has been taken out, and the numbers have been marked with dots. Various materials can be used for marking: paint, plastic, glue etc. The hands of the clock, however, must be firm and resistant to twisting.

Tape measure for the blind

This tape measure can be used by blind people, as it is marked with rivets for every centimetre. Every tenth centimetre is marked with a hole or with a number in braille.

Ring with numbers for the telephone

A ring with big numbers can be stuck on the telephone for people with bad eyes. In this way it is easier to dial the correct number.

Planting or sowing board for the blind

For blind people who wish to work in the garden it is important to know exactly where to expect a plant. Plants can be planted in rows by using two L-shaped boards with several holes in them. The two boards are pinned to the ground with small sticks. The boards are connected by a string with knots at regular intervals, also fixed to the boards with sticks. At every knot a plant is put in the ground, after which the string with the sticks is lowered and fixed to the next hole. The short sides of the L are parallel to each other to keep the lines straight.

Planting board

People with a visual handicap can plant plants with the aid of this wooden board which consists of compartments. Each compartment contains a small pot into with a plant can be put. As a support for people with trembling hands, this board can keep the plants from falling over.