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close this bookNutrition and Population Links - Breastfeeding, Family Planning and Child Health - Nutrition Policy Discussion Paper No. 11 (ACC/SCN, 1992, 68 p.)
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We are very grateful to the following individuals who actively participated - either as presenters of papers or as discussants - in the symposium on ‘Nutrition and Population’ in February 1991 at UNFPA headquarters: Soledad Diaz, Barry Edmonston, Charlotte Gardiner, Sandra Huffman, Miriam Labbok, Reynaldo Martorell, Kathleen Merchant, Barry Popkin, Prema Ramachandran, Roger Short and Beverly Winikoff.

We would also like to thank UNFPA for hosting the symposium, particularly Dr Nafis Sadik, Executive Director of UNFPA, who opened the meeting, Dr M. Sabwa who helped organise it, and Ms. K. Trone who so ably chaired it.

We are also indebted to Jane Hedley, Viki Elliott and Heleen Koenen for valuable assistance in assembling the report, and formating graphics from the original papers.

Stuart Gillespie
John Mason