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SCN Publications Available


Third Report on the World Nutrition Situation, December 1997

Update on the Nutrition Situation 1996, November 1996

Update on the Nutrition Situation, November 1994

Second Report on the World Nutrition Situation, Volume II, Country Data, March 1993

Second Report on the World Nutrition Situation, Volume I, Global and Regional Results, October 1992

Supplement on Methods and Statistics to the First Report on the World Nutrition Situation, December 1988

First Report on the World Nutrition Situation, November 1987


Challenges for the 21st Century: A Gender Perspective on Nutrition Through the Life Cycle by Philip James, Suttilak Smitisiri, Per Pinstrup-Anderson, Rajul Pandya-Lorch, Christopher Murray, Alan Lopez & Isatou Semega-Janneh. April 1998 (NPP No. 17)

Nutrition and Poverty, by S. Gillespie, N. Hasan, S. Osmani, U. Jonsson, R. Islam, D. Chirmulay, V. Vyas & R. Gross. November 1997 (NPP No. 16)

How Nutrition Improves, by S. Gillespie, J. Mason, R. Martorell. July 1996. (SOA No. 15)

Controlling Vitamin A Deficiency, by S. Gillespie and J. Mason, January 1994. (SOA No. 14)

Effectiveness of Vitamin A Supplementation in the Control of Young Child Morbidity and Mortality in Developing Countries, by G. Beaton, R. Martorell, K. Aronson, B. Edmonston, G. McCabe, A. Ross, B. Harvey. December 1993. (SOA No. 13)

Nutritional Issues in Food Aid, August 1993. (SOA No. 12)

Nutrition and Population Links - Breastfeeding, Family Planning and Child Health, including papers by S. Huffman, R. Martorell and K. Merchant, R. Short, P. Ramachandran. (SOA No. 11)

Nutrition-Relevant Actions - Some Experiences from the Eighties and Lessons for the Nineties by S. Gillespie and J. Mason, October 7991 (SOA No. 10)

Controlling Iron Deficiency, edited by S. Gillespie, J. Kevany, and J. Mason, February 1991. (SOA No. 9)

Managing Successful Nutrition Programmes, edited by J. Jennings, S. Gillespie, J. Mason, M. Lotfi and T. Scialfa, October 1990. (SOA No. 8)

Appropriate Uses of Child Anthropometry, by G. Beaton, A. Kelly, J. Kevany, R. Martorell, and J. Mason, December 1990. (SOA No. 7)

Women and Nutrition, including papers by J. McGuire and B. Popkin, M. Chatterjee and J. Lambert, J. Quanine, P. Kisanga, S. Bajaj, H. Ghassemi, October 1990. (SOA No. 6)

Malnutrition and Infection - A Review, by A. Tomkins and F. Watson, October 1989, reprinted June 1993 (SOA No. 5)

Women's Role in Food Chain Activities and their Implications for Nutrition, by Gerd Holmboe-Ottesen, Ophelia Mascarenhas and Margareta Wandel, May 1989. (SOA No. 4)

The Prevention and Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders, by Basil S. Hetzel, March 1988, reprinted June 1993. (SOA No. 3)

Delivery of Oral Doses of Vitamin A to Prevent Vitamin A Deficiency and Nutritional Blindness, by Keith P. West Jr and Alfred Sommer, June 1987, reprinted June 1993. (SOA No. 2)

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ACC/SCN, c/o World Health Organization, 20 Avenue Appia, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland.
Tel: 41 22 791 0456 Fax: 41 22 798 8891 Email: [email protected]

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Report on the nutrition situation of refugee and displaced populations.
Published quarterly with an interim electronic mail update

SCN NEWS - A periodic review of developments in international nutrition compiled from information available to the ACC/SCN, published twice yearly. Contains features, news and views, programme news, and reviews of publications.

No. 18 July 1999 Human Rights and the Right to Adequate Food, SCN's 26th Symposium Report

No. 17 December 1998 Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, HIV & Infant Feeding, Micronutrients in HIV transmission.

No. 16, July 1998 Nutrition of the School-aged Child; A summary of Working Group Discussions, Oslo 1998; Abstracts from the Symposium on Challenges for the 21st Century: A Gender Perspective on Nutrition through the Life Cycle

No. 15, December 1997 Effective Programmes in Africa for Improving Nutrition; the 10th Annual Matin J. Forman Lecture: How are we doing in International Nutrition?

No. 14, July 1997 The Nutrition Challenge in the 21st Century: What Role for the United Nations? Poor Nutrition and Chronic Disease Part II; Effective Programmes in Africa for Improving Nutrition.

No. 13, late 1995 Interview with Dr A. Horwitz, SCN Chair, 1986-1995; Behavioural Change and Nutrition Programmes; and Poor Nutrition and Chronic Disease Part I.

No. 11, mid 1994 Maternal and Child Nutrition.

No. 10, late 1993 Nutrition and Food Aid, Human Rights, The Nutrition Transition.

No. 8, late 1992 Highlights of the World Nutrition Situation, Food Prices and Nutrition, Food Security and Nutrition 1971-91, Long-Term Effects of Improved Childhood Nutrition.

No. 7, mid 1991 Refugees' Nutrition Crisis, LAM, Community-Based Development, Micronutrient intakes, Incomes and Prices. Supplement Some Options for Improving Nutrition in the 1990s

No. 5, early 1990 Nutrition and School Performance, Uses of Anthropometry, Malnutrition and Infection (Part II), Flows of External Resources for Nutrition.

No. 3, early 1989 Does Cash Cropping Affect Nutrition? Nutrition in Times of Disaster.

No. 2, March 1988 First Report on the World Nutrition Situation, Economic adjustment.


Brazil by R. F. Iunes & C. A. Monteiro. September 1993.
Egypt by H. Nassar, W. Moussa, A. Kamel & A. Miniawi. January 1992.
India by V. Reddy, M. Shekar, P. Rao & S. Gillespie. December 1992.
Indonesia by I. T. Soekirman, G. S. Idrus Jus'at & F. Jalal. December 1992.
Tanzania by F. P. Kavishe. April 1993.
Thailand by Y. Kachondham, P. Winichagoon & K. Tontisirin. December 1992.
Zimbabwe by J. Tagwireyi, T, Jayne & N. Lenneiye. December 1992.


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