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Recent ACC/SCN publications

Second Report on the World Nutrition Situation. Volume I: Global and Regional Results (1992)

Second Report on the World Nutrition Situation. Volume II: Country Data (1993)

Nutrition-Relevant Actions - Some Experience from the Eighties and Lessons for the Nineties (1991) (SOA No.10)

Book developed from the original background paper for ACC/SCN meeting on nutrition policy held in London in November 1990. Proposes a framework for the analysis of policies and programmes affecting nutrition, before reviewing experiences during the 1980s in several countries, and moving on to consider options for improving nutrition in the 1990s. Complements and expands on Supplement to SCN News No.7 “Some Options for Improving Nutrition in the 1990s”.

Nutrition and Population Links - Breastfeeding, Family Planning and Child Health (1992) (SOA No. 11)

Report of symposium on “Nutrition and Population” held at the 18th Session of the ACC/SCN in New York in February 1991. Includes papers on the linkages between family planning and nutrition programmes, reproductive stress and women's nutrition, and breastfeeding, fertility and population growth.

Nutritional Issues in Food Aid (SOA No. 12) (1993)

Report of symposium on “Nutritional Issues in Food Aid” held at the 19th Session of the ACC/SCN in Rome, February 1992. Includes papers on the support of public works by food aid as a nutrition intervention, which age groups should be targeted for supplementary feeding, effects of supplementary feeding in the growth of children with infection, experiences of feeding programmes, and protecting refugees' nutrition with food aid.

Effectiveness of Vitamin A Supplementation in the Control of Young Child Morbidity and Mortality in Developing Countries (SOA No. 13) In press

The full report of findings summarized in the article of the same name on page 17 of this issue.

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