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close this bookTraining Programme for Women Entrepreneurs in the Food-processing Industry - Volume II (UNIDO, 1985, 286 p.)
close this folderChapter 4 Cereal Products
View the document4.1 Malted Cereal Grain
View the document4.2 Cereal Flour (Maize and Sorghum)
View the document4.3 Popped Sorghum
View the document4.4 Sorghum Balls
View the document4.5 White Rice
View the document4.6 Macaroni
View the document4.7 Rice Noodles
View the document4.8 Bread
View the document4.9 Biscuits
View the document4.10 Cakes
View the document4.11 Chapati
View the document4.12 Unleavened Rice Bread