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Business Plan Preparation


To enable participants to put all the information and planning data into one coherent planning document.


1/2 day

Session Guide:

1. This first half day of the business plan preparation week should be used to find out participants' main weaknesses regarding the preparation of the business plan and to repeat some of the crucial subjects. Participants may for example still have difficulties in preparing a realistic cashflow forecast, in calculating their costs and deciding about essential equipment for their production processes.

It is important that a technology trainer is available for this session.

2. The participants are then asked to prepare their individual plans for their businesses during the next three days. The following time schedule may help them to finish the preparation within the given time (the schedule is based on the assumption that the business plan preparation week starts on a Monday):

1. Self assessment, location, product

Monday afternoon

2. Marketing aspects, production plan and costing


3. Finance

Wednesday whole day and Thursday morning

3. After these three days some of them will have a chance to present their plans to the group in order to practice presentation skills.

During the morning of the last day of this course they will then have a chance to present their plans to a committee of bankers. The purpose of these presentations is to enable all participants to get feedback and advice from experts. It will not enable them to get a loan immediately afterwards but it may be the first step of a successful business loan application.