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Annex 2: List of those submitting information, consulted or responding

Consultations were carried out:

- as part of the agenda of a series of Regional Commonwealth Liaison
Unit Planning Workshops held during 1993/94 in:

Solomon Islands (Pacific region), February 1993
Bangladesh (Asia region), March/April 1993
The Gambia (West Africa sub-region), May 1993
Guyana (Caribbean/Canada and Europe regions), August 1993
Uganda (East and Southern Africa sub-region), February 1994
- at meetings convened specifically to discuss NGOs in the Commonwealth held between November 1992 and May 1993 in:

Britain (convened by the Commonwealth Trust)
Canada (convened by the Delphi Group and Royal Commonwealth Society)
Jamaica (convened by the Association of Development Agencies)
Solomon Islands (convened by the Development Services Exchange)
Zimbabwe (convened by the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations)

A meeting at which representatives of NGOs based in New Delhi, India discussed the first consultative draft with Sir Richard Luce, Chairman of the Commonwealth Foundation, was held in early 1995.

The following were consulted individually, and/or submitted information or views during the preparation of the first consultative draft in 1994:

Peggy Antrobus, Women and Development Unit, University of the West Indies, Barbados
Abdullah Malim Baginda, formerly Director of Social Welfare, Malaysia
Claire Ball, Help Age International, Barbados
Abraham Beanisia, Solomon Islands Development Trust, Solomon Islands
Mrs H Bedi, Community Aid Abroad, India
Norma Shorey Bryan, Canadian International Development Agency, Barbados
Mrs Chakadini, Ministry of Social Welfare, Zimbabwe
Embert Charles, Folk Research Centre, St. Lucia
Matthew Cherian, Oxfam Bridge, India
Chris Chevalier, Save the Children Fund, Solomon Islands
Rose Chinheno, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zimbabwe
Rudo M Chitiga, IRED, Zimbabwe
Tadeous Chivaba, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zimbabwe
Edward Cumberbatch, Caribbean Council of Churches, Barbados
Janet Cupidon, Council of Voluntary Social Services, Jamaica
Noel D'Silva, Jeevan Nirwaha Niketan, India
John Fowler, Commonwealth Youth Programme
Joan French, Caribbean Policy Development Centre, Barbados
Cherry Gallo, Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association,
Solomon Islands
Ron Green, Small Projects Assistance Team, Dominica
Mostyn Habu, Ministry of Natural Resources, Solomon Islands
Chris Henderson, Delphi Group, Canada
Mark Henley, Port Employment Project, Australia
Richard Holloway, PACT/PRIP, Bangladesh
Annie Homelo, Young Women s Christian Association, Solomon Islands
Rob Johnson, Consultant, Australia
Philip Joinisia, Development Services Exchange, Solomon Islands
Dennis Jones, Association of National Development Agencies, Belize
George Joseph, Centre for Social Action, India
Manju Kala, Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development, India
Subhashini Kohli, Sasha Association of Craft Producers, India
Pauline Knight, Planning Institute of Jamaica, Jamaica
Ezra Mbogori, MWENGO, Zimbabwe (formerly at the Undugu Society, Kenya)
Colin McDonald, Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development, Trinidad and Tobago
Fr Michael KJ, Janodaya Trust, India
A D Mukwewa, Ministry of Social Welfare, Zimbabwe
John Mwaniki, IRED, Zimbabwe
Gemma Tang Nain, Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action, Trinidad and Tobago
Peter Ngobese, ZERO, Zimbabwe
Ivaline Nickie, Caribbean People s Development Agency, St. Vincent
Garth Nowland-Foreman, Australian Council of Social Service, Australia
Paul Nyathi, Zimbabwe Project, Zimbabwe
Bolaji Ogunseye, International Institute for Environment and
Development, Britain
Ingrid O'Marde, Canadian University Service Overseas, Antigua
Pravin Patkar, TATA Institute of Social Sciences, India
David Pell, Community Business Centre, Canada
Philip Pupukar, Greenpeace, Solomon Islands
Vanda Radzik, Red Thread, Guyana
William Roe, formerly CEI Consultants, Britain
Russell Rollason, Australian Council for Overseas Aid, Australia
Professor Elsa Leo Rhynie, Centre for Gender and Development Studies, Jamaica
Roderick Sanatan, Caribbean Community and Common Market, Guyana
Joseph Junior Scaria, Co-ordinating Committee for Vulnerable Children, India
Prunella Scarlett, Commonwealth Trust, Britain
Rajesh Tandon, Society for Participatory Research in Asia, India
Selena Tapper, Canadian University Service Overseas, Jamaica
Alan Teli, SIART, Solomon Islands
David Thompson, National SkillShare Association, Australia
Laila Tyabji, DASTKAR Association of Craft Producers, India
Joseph Waleanisia, University of the South Pacific
Judith Wedderburn, Association of Development Agencies, Jamaica
Sarah Williams, National Council for Voluntary Child Care Organisations, Britain
Senator Maxine Henry Wilson, Office of the Prime Minister, Jamaica
Greg Zador, World University Service, Canada
Valentine Ziswa, Ecumenical Co-operative and Development Service, Zimbabwe

Responses to the first consultative draft were received from the following in the period up to February 1995:

ActionAid (Britain): Janet Williamson, Policy and Research Assocation of NGOs - Aotearoa (New Zealand): Robert Reid, Chairperson
Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria: O M Adesanya, Secretary-General
Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development (India): P M Tripathi
CARE Canada: Judith Sullivan, Health Adviser
Centre for Women s Development Studies (India): Narayan Banerjee
Commonwealth Engineers Council: J A Whitwell, Director, Education Training and Membership
Commonwealth Liaison Unit of Barbados: B Taylor
Commonwealth Liaison Unit Cyprus: Chr Karakannas, President
Commonwealth Liaison Unit, East Zone, India: c/o Women's Co-ordinating Council: Aloka Mitra
Commonwealth Trust (Britain): Prunella Scarlett
Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (Uganda):
Ikoja Odongo Jr, Programme Officer Resource Centre
Development Services Exchange (Solomon Islands): Paul Miles
Department of Environment and Conservation/ United Nations
Development Programme (Papua New Guinea): Benjamin Gewebing, NGO Facilitator
Dhaka Ahsania Mission (Bangladesh): Md Zia Uddin, Executive Director
East-West Center (Cook Islands): Ron Crocombe
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Britain): G C Livesey, Commonwealth Co-ordination Department
Forum on Sustainable Agriculture (Botswana): R Kashweeka
Health Canada: Jean Lariviere MD, Senior Medical Adviser
Hong Kong Council Of Social Service: Miss Kay Ku, Assistant Director (Development)
Intermediate Technology (Britain): John Twigg, Institutional Relations Unit
Liaison Unit of Non-Governmental Organisations of Seychelles: E C D Esparon, Secretary/Manager
Loughborough University of Technology: Professor A J Evans, President, Commonwealth Library Association
Malta High Commission: Dr H J Bonavia, for High Commissioner
Mauritius Council of Social Service: H Hurrynag, Secretary Manager
Ministry for Human Services and Health (Australia): Dr Carmen Lawrence, Minister
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Republic of Maldives): Mohamed Nashid, Deputy Director, International Affairs
Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (Cyprus): K Sammad, Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Labour and Social Security (Zambia): N l Zimba MP (Minister)
Ministry of National Health and Welfare (Canada): Diane Marleau, Minister of Health
Ministry of Planning, Human Resources and Environment (Republic of Maldives): Asim Ahmed, Assistant Director, Programmes
National Alliance of NGOs (Papua New Guinea): Bobogi Anoh, Administrative Officer
National Council of Social Service (Singapore): Koh Mui In, International Relations
National Council of Social Service (Singapore): S Vivakanandan, Divisional Manager, Planning Division
National Environmental Education Project (Malaysia): John Pillai, Project Co-ordinator
National SkillShare Association (Australia): David Thompson, Chief Executive Officer
Nigerian Agency for Voluntary Development Organisations: A M Sharta, President
Overseas Service Bureau (Australia): Bill Armstrong, Executive Director
PACT, Bangladesh: Richard Holloway, Executive Director
Pakistan High Commission, London: Masroor A Junejo, First Secretary (CW)
Planning Institute of Jamaica: A D Collier, for Acting Director-General
Professional Centre of Australia (formerly Science Centre Foundation): Ruth J Inall, Executive Director
Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults (Britain): Gail Stewardson, European Officer
Tamaki Makau Rau Auckland UNCED Earth Summit Committee (New Zealand): Simon Reeves, Co-Convener
The Central Council of Social Services (Sri Lanka): A Jayawardhana, Executive Director
The Samoan Association of NGOs: L J Dunlop
Tools for Self Reliance (Britain): Glyn Roberts, Co-ordinator
Trinidad & Tobago Association of Village & Community Councils: A Z Pascall, Chairman
Trinidad & Tobago Society of Planners: Asad Mohammed, Vice-President
Trust for Voluntary Organisations (Pakistan): Anis A Dani, Chief Executive
Voluntary Service Overseas (Britain): Sarah Mistry, Regional Programme Manager, West Africa
Voluntary Services Unit, Home Office (London): D J Hardwick
Volunteer Service Abroad (New Zealand): Ms Barbara Mildenhall, Director
Water for Survival (New Zealand): John La Roche
World Vision (Britain): Alan Waites, Public Policy

A two-day workshop to discuss the first consultative draft and responses to it was held in Wellington, New Zealand from 16 to 17 February 1995. The participants at this workshop were:

Mariama Ashcroft, The Gambia Women s Finance Organisation, The Gambia Ezra Mbogori, MWENGO, Zimbabwe

Jagadananda, Centre for Youth and Social Development, India

Leith Dunn, NGO Guidelines co-author/researcher, Jamaica Ian Smillie, formerly Director, CUSO and Development Consultant, Canada

Colin Ball, NGO Guidelines co-author/researcher, Britain

Sue Bradford, The People s Centre, New Zealand David Cuthbert, ANGOA, New Zealand
Garth Nowland-Foreman, formerly Director, ACOSS, Australia

Commonwealth Secretariat:
Terence Dormer, NGO Desk Officer

Commonwealth Foundation:
Dr Humayun Khan, Director
Don Clarke, Deputy Director
Diana Bailey, Programme Officer

Prior to and during the Second Commonwealth NGO Forum held in June 1995, responses to the second consultative draft were received from:

African Development Bank: A I Jituboh, Director, Co-operation Department
Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan: Shoaib Sultan Khan, Senior Adviser - Rural Development
Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh: Khushi Kabir
Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development, India: Sanjoy Ghose
Australian Council for Overseas Aid: Janet Hunt, Director
Canadian Universities Service Overseas, Caribbean Regional Office: Dorothy Hollingsworth, Programme Officer
Caribbean Natural Resources Institute: Yves Renard, Executive Director
Caribbean Peoples Development Agency: Glenroy Browne, Interim Director
Centre for Documentation, Research and Training on the South-West Indian Ocean, Mauritius: Pynee Chellapermal, Director
Commonwealth Liaison Unit, West Zone, India: Mohini Mathur, President
Commonwealth Medical Association: John Havard, Secretary
Cook Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations
Council of Voluntary Social Services, Jamaica: Janet Cupidon Quallo
Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations, Uganda: Sammy Ogar, Research and Policy Analysis
Development Services Exchange, Solomon Islands: Paul Miles
Federation of Voluntary Organisations for Rural Development in Karnataka, India: Augustine Kaunds, Executive Officer
Federation of Workers Educational Associations in Aotearoa New Zealand
Institute for Socio-Economic Development, India: Balaji Pandey, Director John Ang, NGO Forum representative, Singapore
Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations: Caleb Nchafatso Sello, Executive Director
Lokal Envaironmen Foundesen, Papua New Guinea: Marius Solat
Malaysian Association for the Blind: Winnie Ng, Executive Director
Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, Cyprus: Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Social Security and National Solidarity, Mauritius: A Veerasamy, for Permanent Secretary
National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, Zimbabwe: Stanislaus Matindike
National Council of NGOs, Kenya: Murtaza Jaffer
National Council of Social Service, Singapore: Janet Lee, Manager
National Council of Social Welfare, Malaysia: Abdullah Baginda
National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda
NGO Forum representatives, St. Vincent
Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team: Ihaedioha Damian, Programme Officer
Office of the Commonwealth Secretary-General: Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Secretary-General
Office of the High Commissioner of the Republic of Zambia: A M Mwale, Deputy High Commissioner
Pacific Region NGO Caucus, Second Commonwealth NGO Forum
Regina Dumas, Development Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago
Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organisations: Clarice Davies
The Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, The Gambia: Fatma Baldeh-Forster
The Central Council of Social Services, Sri Lanka: Austin Jayawardhana, Executive Director
The Community Business Scotland Group: Kay Caldwell
Tonga Trust: Denis Wolff, Executive Director
Trinidad and Tobago Group of Professional Associations Ltd: Yvonne Pilgrim, Secretary/Treasurer
Vanuatu Association of Non-Governmental Associations
Volunteers for Environment, Social Harmony and Improvement, Maldives: Mariyan Zulfa
Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action, India: Minar Pimple
Women In Nigeria: Glory Afi Kilanko, National Co-ordinating

At the Second Commonwealth NGO Forum, a plenary session was devoted to the report on 22 June 1995, under the title NGO Guidelines for Good Policy and Practice. The session was addressed by the authors and:

Rajesh Tandon, India
Selena Tapper, Jamaica
Glory Afi Kilanko, Nigeria
Ian Smillie, Canada
Garth Nowland-Foreman, New Zealand

A motion to endorse the Guidelines was proposed by Caleb Nchafatso Sello (Lesotho) and seconded by Kay Caldwell (Britain) and carried by acclamation.

Following the session, five regional workshops (Africa, Asia, Caribbean/Canada, Europe, Pacific) were convened to discuss follow-up action.