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New titles in the Tropical Agriculturalist series

The Tropical Agriculturalist is a series of practical field guides published by CTA in association with Macmillan, Maisonneuve et Larose and ACCT. The books are intended to serve as guides by producers, farmers, farm managers and agricultural extension officers and as references for students, teachers and lecturers. Four new titles in the series have recently been published.

Sorghum examines the characteristics and cultivation of this important crop in a variety of different agricultural conditions and zones. Aspects covered include the crop's morphology, cultivation, the control of pests and diseases, optimum growing conditions, harvesting and economics. A considerable amount of tabulated data has been included and the text is well-illustrated throughout.

Warm-water crustaceans are increasingly important economically in many parts of the world. They are a valuable food commodity and many by-products can be gained through processing them. The guide covers the main species that can be farmed and includes aspects of production from pond preparation and management to harvesting and marketing. A number of recipes are also included in the comprehensive and easy-to-read text.

Animal breeding looks closely at the various techniques that can be used in breeding animals, such as selection, and cross-breeding. Examples of the various techniques are given and their advantages and disadvantages in tropical and sub-tropical environments are assessed with regard to improving the core traits of animals. The book also deals with basic genetics and examines factors such as the effect of climate on animals and the importance of preserving the genepool in native tropical beds.

Animal health Volume 2 is a valuable guide for anyone involved with maintaining and establishing the health of animals in tropical and subtropical countries. All the important diseases are covered, including infectious and contagious diseases, helminth infections, diseases transmitted by arthropods, and diseases and arthropods associated with environmental and husbandry factors. Each disease, its symptoms, causes and limiting factors, is presented in a clear style and provides worthwhile information for all those interested in obtaining a basic knowledge about specific animal diseases.

Sorghum by J Chantereau and R Nico 1994 98pp ISBN 0 333 54452 8
Warm-water crustaceans by J Arrignon, J Huner, P Laurent, J Griessinger, D Lacroix, P Gondouin and M Autrand 1994 160pp
ISBN 0 333 57462 1
Animal breeding by Gerald Weiner 1994 208pp ISBN 0 333 57298 X
Animal health (Volume 2 Specific diseases) by Archie Hunter 1994 214pp ISBN 0 333 57360 9 Available from CTA