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Determining the content and selecting methods of the prevention programme

As pointed out earlier, a prevention programme needs well formulated goals. Once these are defined, the content of the programme has to be determined and the methods and techniques which will be used to communicate the content of the programme selected. Before the content of a prevention programme can be determined an analysis has to be made of:

- What the target audience know about drugs and what kind of prejudicial mis-information they have received. On this basis, the programme organizers should indicate what additional, new information the target audience needs.

- The target audience's attitude towards drug use and drug users. Once this is known, it is necessary to determine what should be more appropriate attitudes after the end of the prevention programme.

- The actual behaviour vis-a-vis drug use of the target group; how do they cope with drug users in their own daily situations.

- How do the target groups perceive their contribution to drug abuse prevention. On the basis of this information, a prevention programme might learn of new and better ways of handling preventive activities.

- What the target group knows about existing community prevention efforts might provide suggestions on how to contribute to them.

Answers to these important questions are essential to determine the content of the prevention programme, whether it be an education or information programme, training, or a mass media campaign. Once goals and content are chosen, then the most appropriate communication methods and techniques to implement it can be selected. (See Chapter III).