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To feed poultry well is important and difficult

35. In modern poultry raising you must take a lot of care in feeding the birds.

You want to have birds that grow quickly and yield a lot of meat and eggs.

For that you have to work more and provide most of the feed yourself.

Often you have to buy part of this feed.

36. Poultry are difficult to teed. They need a lot of different types of teed.

For instance, a hen is not like a goat, and cannot feed only on grass.

Poultry need rich feed.

For instance, to produce eggs a hen needs to get in its feed plenty of proteins and calcium.

Poultry need a certain quantity of each type of teed.

For example, if, to build your house, you have 10 kilogrammes too much cement and not enough sheet iron, you cannot use the cement instead of the iron. If, to build its body, a hen has too much protein and not enough calcium, the protein cannot replace the calcium.

It is useless.

You must give poultry the exact quantity of each feed that is needed.