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Here is an example

37. I am a farmer:

I have very little money to spend but all the same I want to keep chickens. Then my family and I can eat more meat. I can give my children more eggs. I can sell hens and eggs and have more money.

What can I do?

I must buy as little as possible.

I shall use as much as possible what I can find in the village, such as wood, remains of food and the harvest.

I shall look after my poultry with great care.

· I choose the sue.
· I build the poultry house.

All I have to buy is a few nails, a few planks and a little netting. For the roof, the walls, the fence, and the troughs I use what I find in the village.

At the animal husbandry centre I buy chicks.

They are not sexed: there are males and females. When the chicks are two months old I separate males from females. I dispose of the males when they weigh 1 kilogramme or more.

· I vaccinate the chicks.
· I feed my poultry

with grain that I produce myself, with the remains of food and harvests, with green grass or vegetables.

· I take as food for my family

the young cocks, the eggs, hens that have ceased to lay.

· 1 sell

the cocks that my family does not eat, the eggs that my family does not eat, the rejected hens that my family do" not eat.