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close this bookManual Thread Cutting - Course: Technique for manual working of materials. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 22 p.)
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View the document1. Purpose of thread cutting
View the document2. Kinds of threads
View the document3. Tools for internal threading (tapping)
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View the document5. Operation of thread cutting
View the document6. Special hints on the designation of threads by the example of the metric threads
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View the document8. Technological process of cutting external threads

2. Kinds of threads

Fastening screw threads:

metric threads (V-shaped threads)

Whitworth threads (V-shaped threads)

Power-transmission screw threads:

knuckle threads, acme threads, saw-tooth threads

Figure 2 - Kinds of threads

1 - Vee thread
2 - Knuckle thread
3 - Acme thread
4 - Saw-tooth thread

Sealing threads:

tapered threads (metric and Whitworth)

Pipe threads:

Whitworth pipe threads

By manual thread cutting, only fastening screw threads and partially pipe threads are made. These kinds of threads are made as left-hand or right-hand threads as well as coarse screw threads and fine screw threads..