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The proceedings

It has not been possible to print all the papers presented at the Workshop in full here. Those interested in learning more about specific topics might contact participants through the Settlements Information Network. Their names and addresses are printed at the end of this volume. This will also help initiate and activate the Network.

These proceedings are divided into three sections:
1. The Settlements Situation Brief reports from each participating delegation provide some basic background to people who have no experience or very limited information about each country. They are not intended to be complete and some may disagree with their emphasis.

2. Training Case Studies These concrete examples of training case studies were very stimulating for the Workshop participants. They complement the settlements reports and illustrate some of the general issues that were raised about training.

3. Working Group Discussions The Working Groups raised more questions than it was possible to answer and sometimes each session began to sound like the theme for a future workshop. Nevertheless, these discussions can be a guide for workshops on training in people's own countries and workplaces. They might also assist those initiating and conducting training programs.

As the Workshop indicated, there is a need for ongoing discussion both about training methods and also about settlements issues in Southern and Eastern Africa. The delegates hoped that these proceedings might be read and used with the same spirit of exchange and questioning that characterized their own meeting. Any comments or criticisms can be directed to them and to all of our colleagues through the Settlements information Network.