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The management of Human Settlements in Tanzania comes under ARDHI, (Kiswahili: Land) the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Attached to the Ministry is the ARDHI Institute, which trains pare-professional and middle-level personnel. Other Institutions linked to ARDHI are the Building Research Unit (BRU), the Registrar of Buildings (which owns and maintains the building stock nationalized in 1971), the National Housing Corporation and the Tanzanian Housing Bank. NHC and THB have had some problems in fulfilling their mandate to provide low cost housing for rent and purchase and have mainly catered to the middle-income group. In recent years however, ARDHI has implemented a successful program of sites and services and upgrading in a number of towns.

Local urban councils were abolished in 1973, but were revived in mid 1978, and are now the vehicle through which ARDHI is to implement the urban settlements schemes, which are also implemented through the political party, CCM. Both urban councils and local party organizations receive directives from the Prime Ministers Office, so that urban councils sometimes get conflicting instructions. The base of the party organization is the ten-cell unit, which is used for neighbourhood organization and provision of infrastructure such as standpipes. Its potential for management of community services, such as block surveys, waste management and so on, are also being explored. The Centre for Housing Studies is administered through ARDHI Institute, and provides a variety of training opportunities described in one of the Training Case Studies.

ARDHI Institute la one of the parastatal bodies of the ARDHI Ministry of Tanzanian Government and also trains para-professional staff for the Ministry and its other parastatals