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So what about you, sugar? Find out your rating in our sexperts' questionnaire

Sex questionnaire

What are you like in a relationship? Are you cool and confident or just a fluffy bunny rabbit? Do you get what you want. or are you too shy to ask? Your mezzo sexperts have romped through the realms of love 'n stuff to produce a quiz that tells it how it is.

1. After months of being single, you spot someone pretty special at a party. Do you

a march over and give him/her a kiss.
b start with some flirty eye contact and gradually get talking.
c turn away - you know you haven't got a hope of catching his/her attention.

2. One way and another, your partner just isn't In the mood for some rough and tumble. Do you

a end the relationship at once - after all, if you're not having sex, what's the point.
b realize that your partner's just tired and feeling a bit low - ifs not a big deal.
c immediately conclude that you must be desperately unattractive.

3. Your partner's wandering hands want more than you can offer; you'd prefer to take things a little bit slower. Do you

a tell your partner he/she's a depraved pervert - and promptly find someone else.
b explain that your views on sex are important to you and you'd like them to be respected.
c go to bed with him/her anyway - it's better to lose your principles than your partner.

4. So ifs your turn to buy the condoms. Do you

a walk straight up to the shop counter with the box of condoms - you don't mind at all.

b linger in the shop, summoning your courage, then finally buy the condoms along with a load of other items you don't really need.

c leave it to your partner - you can't be seen buying condoms, it's far too embarrassing.

5. Your partner feels like a bit of experimentation - you know, dressing up, public places and lots of chocolate sauce. Do you

a go for it and throw in a few ideas of your own.

b make clear to your partner which suggestions you are happy with, and which ones are a step too far.

c try to avoid being alone with him/her, and hope he/she gets the point

6. Your best friend doesn't approve of your new partner. Do you

a stop talking to your best friend - where sex is concerned, no one is going to tell you what to do.

b try and get the two of them to know each other properly - if they both care about you, they should get along.

c break up with your new partner - you just can't stand people being critical about you.

7. Your mother discovers a condom wrapper at the foot of your bed and confronts you with it. Do you

a promptly launch into a heart-to-heart with her about the joys of sex.
b try to explain it away - you wish you'd been less careless.
c break down in tears and vow to celibacy.

If you answered:

Mostly a

You're as spicy as a chilli and as subtle as a steam train. You know what you "really, really want" but perhaps others can't keep up with you?

Mostly b

You're sexy, sassy and sorted. You know it's all about give and take, caring and sharing. You know what, you want, and give loads too.

Mostly c

Docile doormat? You spend too much time doing what others want and too little time telling them how you feel, but with a bit more confidence and willingness to talk, it can only get better.

And remember, keep it sexy, keep it safe!


"Young people are restless they are bound to make mistakes. They also lack commitment to one another."
20, F, Netherlands

"Getting married when you're young is only good if you know what you are getting into since marriage is a serious commitment"
21, F, Sri Lanka

"Love is most important. Without love nothing is correct. But marriage is important."
18, F, Philippines

"Love is the most essential ingredient without which the relationship would be animal-like and without feelings."
20, F, Lebanon

"I can only give my love, emotions and dedication to the person I am sure will be my future husband."
21, F, Syria

...and if you couldn't choose your own partner

"I believe it's about time our parents left us alone to choose our partners: that person whom you know you can't live without and marry because you love them."
21, F, Lesotho

"I would feel insulted and undermined if I was presented with a partner. It's like one is not man enough to do one's own hunting. Just imagine life without the fun of chasing the game around."
21, M, Botswana

"I don't mind as long as my parents don't spoil my life by choosing me a bad partner."
19, F, India

"It's my life, my body, my choice. I would refuse."
14, F, New Zealand