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close this bookAlcoholism: Prevention and Cure by Dr Courtejoie J., MD and Pierre, B (Bureau of Study and Research for the Promotion of Health - Congo - CPS, 1983, 175 p.)
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The use of this material will be explained further on.

1. A flip-chart on alcoholism, consisting of forty drawings; a set of four wall posters illustrating the essential points of the fight against alcoholism accompanies the flipchart (this set of four posters is also available separately at Kaingu-Mayombe). (10) Catalogue No. 5, which available at no cost from Kangu-Mayombe' contains a comprehensive list of available educational material and depositories in Africa and Europe.

2. A slide projector or a microfiche projector or PC, as these pictures on alcoholism are also available as slides or microfiches or on CD-Rom

3. A bottle of inethyl alcohol and a laboratory alcohol. Bunsen burner. A bottle of ethyl alcohol, denatured with ether. A bottle of 100%-proof alcohol. A bottle of beer, a bottle of whisky. A calabash of palm wine. A bottle of wine. A bottle of traditional alcohol.

4. Various other drinks: a glass of drinking water, a glass of grenadine, a bottle of soda, a bottle of orange juice, a cup of coffee, a cup of tea.

5. Pictures of wrecked cars and injured people (showing wounds and fractures) resulting from road accidents; pictures of malnourished children.

6. A driving hcence,

7. A bicycle, a sewing machine, a football.

8. Medecines in their packings: vitamin B1, B-complex, caffeine, aspirin.