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close this bookAdvising Mothers on Management of Diarrhoea in the Home - Instructions for Facilitators (WHO, 1993, 11 p.)
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How should Advising Mothers be used?

Advising Mothers is a training tool, to be used either during a case management training course, or as a brief course for health workers who are already trained in case management.

If used alone, the course from Advising Mothers will last about one and one-half days. A sample agenda can be found following this section.

It is preferable to integrate Advising Mothers directly into clinical management training. On the following pages is a suggested agenda for incorporating Advising Mothers into the Clinical Training Course for Health Centres and Small Hospitals (the “short course”). Some of the activities may be carried out during periods in the course that would in any case be set aside for individual work, others can be practised during the sessions on practical work in a health facility.