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Session: 20. Open workshop/clean-up

Total Time: 2 hours


* To finish incomplete projects
* To review and practice basic blacksmithing skills
* To practice new blacksmithing skills of special interest
* To clean up the workshop area

Materials: Brushes, brooms, rakes, shovels, buckets, assorted scrap steel, round bar, leaf springs, sheet metal, coil springs, etc.

Trainer Notes

* In this session, participants should be provided with access to all available workshop tools and stock.

* Some preparation may be necessary to effectively carry out Step 4 (see Trainer Notes).


Step 1. (5 minutes)
Briefly explain the purpose and procedures of the open workshop period.

Trainer Notes

* Explain that the purpose of the open workshop is to provide participants with opportunities to:

- complete any unfinished projects
- practice techniques which they find difficult to apply, or do not fully understand
- refine techniques
- forge a tool or piece of hardware of special interest

* Mention that the last thirty minutes of this session will be used to clean up the workshop area.

Step 2. (1 hour, 20 minutes)
Have the participants work independently at their forges to finish projects or practice skills of their choice.

Trainer Notes

* Circulate among the work stations. Help to locate materials. Offer assistance whenever necessary, being careful not to intervene to the point of inhibiting the freedom of experimentation and/or independent problem-solving.

* For those participants experiencing particular difficulty with certain techniques, it may be useful to repeat some of the basic demonstrations done earlier in the training.

* Any additional or special interest forging techniques can also be demonstrated at this time.

Step 3. (30 minutes)
Ask participants to assist in cleaning up the workshop area.

Trainer Notes

In order to complete the clean-up efficiently and cooperatively, all participants and trainers should participate.

Step 4. (5 minutes)
Thank the group for their participation and cooperation throughout the program.

Trainer Notes

In consideration of the strenuousness and intensity of the training program, it is recommended that a party be held immediately following the shop clean-up. Defining specific objectives, times, resources, and procedures for the party activity should be left to the discretion of participants and trainers.