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View the documentSession: 1. Sharing perceptions of the training program: An ice breaker
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Session: 3. Defining expectations of the training program

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes


* To review the schedule and content of the program
* To define and clarify expectations that the participants have of the training program
* To compare and contrast individual expectations with those of the program.


* Introduction to the Manual, pp. i-ii.
* "Conducting the Training," pp. iv-vi, from the Introduction to the Manual.
* Training Schedule

Materials: Newsprint and felt-tip pens


Step 1. (5 minutes)
Briefly outline the session's objectives and activities.

Step 2. (20 minutes)
Distribute copies of the three resources. Have the participants read them carefully, then ask for questions, clarifications or discussion.

Trainer Notes

Explain that the training philosophy and methodology and the section on conducting the training provide an orientation to the basic program goals and guidelines, while the training schedule presents a day-by-day description of the training.

Step 3. (15 minutes) Have the participants form small groups and discuss their expectations of the program. Ask each group to list on newsprint and post their three most important expectations.

Trainer Notes

* As they develop their lists, participants should be encouraged to consider their needs and desires, as well as constraints in scheduling and programming.

* If the training group is small, you may wish to remain together and make a master list of participants' expectations.

Step 4. (25 minutes)
Reconvene the large group and review each expectation for clarity, understanding, and feasibility.

Trainer Notes

* Identify which expectations will be met directly, those that will be touched upon, those which could be addressed with some schedule changes, and those, given the practical limitations of the program, which may not be met.

* Wherever possible, point out specific sessions in the Training Schedule which deal directly with the group's expectations.

Step 5. (10 minutes)
Conclude the session by facilitating a discussion centered around the following questions:

* Were any of your expectations changed by this activity?
* Is there anything that you have heard about the training program that has not been discussed?
* Do you think the program will meet your needs?