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Session: 1. Sharing perceptions of the training program: An ice breaker

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes


* To get to know one another and to encourage communication
* To set the climate for active participation during the training program

Resources: Attachment 1-A, "Coat of Arms''

Materials: Pens or pencils

Trainer Notes

An alternative activity for getting acquainted goes as follows:

* Convene the group in the blacksmith workshop area.

* Ask participants to browse around for a moment and find a tool or object which they would like to make, and which symbolizes something about their

- personality/character
- work
- background
- aspirations
- etc.

* The trainer should also choose an appropriate object.

* When everyone has made a selection and has had a few moments to reflect, introduce yourself and explain why you selected your object (using humor to help create a relaxed climate).

* Then, moving around the shop, have the participants introduce themselves and share their reasons for selecting their particular tool.


Step 1. (5 minutes)
Distribute copies of Attachment 1A, "Coat of Arms" and explain the exercise.

Trainer Notes

* Explain that the object of the exercise is to draw a symbolic "coat of arms" which will help us begin to get acquainted or find out something new about each other.

* Explain that the participants will draw a symbol or picture in each of the corresponding spaces on the coat of arms that answers one of a series of questions.

Step 2. (15 minutes)
Referring to the list in the Trainer Notes below, read each question in order, allowing time for people to draw their symbol before moving to the next question.

Trainer Notes

* Suggested questions:

- How do you feel right now?
- What were you doing a week ago today?
- What do you hope to get out of this training?
- What can you offer this training?

* Draw your-own "coat of arms" while the group does theirs.

Step 3. (5 minutes)
After everyone has finished drawing his/her coat of arms, share your coat of arms by explaining the meaning of each of your four drawings.

Trainer Notes

Encourage an open climate by explaining your drawings in a relaxed and humorous manner. Also, make your presentation brief to set the pace of the activity.

Step 4. (30-45 minutes) Have each participant explain the meaning of his/her coat of arms.

Step 5. (5 minutes) After all of the drawings have been presented, facilitate a brief discussion of some of the similarities and differences which seem to exist in the group.

Attachment 1-A

Coat of arms