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4.1.3. Other enterprise characteristics

The configuration of the enterprise (i.e. the site or sites where the workers are at work) is an important variable in the planning and organization of first aid. An enterprise might be located at one site or spread over several sites either within a town or a region, or even a country. Workers may be assigned to areas away from the enterprise’s central establishment, such as in agriculture, lumbering, construction or other trades. They will then work on different sites and may work either individually or in smaller or larger groups. These factors will influence the provision of equipment and supplies, the number and distribution of first-aid personnel, and the means for the rescue of injured workers and their transportation to more specialized medical care.

Some enterprises are temporary in nature, or undertake seasonal or temporary work. This implies that some workplaces exist only temporarily, or that in one and the same place of work some functions will be performed only at certain periods of time, whereas at other times work will have ceased or changed and may therefore involve different risks. First aid must be available whenever needed, irrespective of the changing situation.

In some situations, employees of more than one employer work together in joint ventures or in an ad hoc manner, such as in building and construction. In such cases the employers may make arrangements to pool their provision of first aid. This may be more economical and effective. A clear allocation of responsibilities is necessary, as well as a clear understanding by the workers of each employer as to how first aid is provided. The employers must ensure that the first aid organized for this particular situation is as simple as possible. The pooling of first-aid resources at a common site should not fail to provide immediate care by qualified individuals to victims of accidents.